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Activated Carbon KN95 Face Mask

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Over 95% filtration to effectively protect your health

Layer 1: Prevents splashing, liquids and larger particles

Layer 2: Activated carbon filter to combat air pollution

Layer 3: Filters small 0.30 micron dust particles

Layer 4: Reinforced layer filtering PM2.5 particles

Layer 5: Inside layer, designed for comfort, soft and kind to skin

Comfortable and Secure Design

Sleek and ergonomic design ensuring a safe and secure fit to any face shape. Made specifically to be worn for extended periods of time, this mask is comfortable and light.

How it Works

Dual breathing valves seal firmly during inhalation, forcing external air through the 5 layer filter system. During exhalation, the dual valves open with ease to release exhaled breath, creating low resistance for ease of breathing.

Easy Filter Replacement

Simply turn the breathing valves in an anti-clockwise rotation, remove the breathing valves, replace the filter, return the breathing valves and then turn them in a clockwise rotation.


Excellent product. I feel safer and confident when my family and I are out and about. 

Vanessa Fisher

Thank you. Will be buying some for my friends.

Belinda Jarvis

Very happy with this product. Was worth the wait.

John Devon